Friday, March 25, 2016

Le Plonge

I don't know if y'all are afflicted, as I am, with sluggish bathtub drains, but due to the odd configuration of the plumbing in this house, it becomes necessary from time to time for me to carry out the time-honoured procedure known as "Plunging".
Plunging a tub, which would seem to be a fairly simple operation, is complicated by the question of airflow. Problem is, the necessary vent above the drain prevents quality tub plunging unless a near-perfect seal at the vent is achieved. What this usually involves is a helper holding a wet cloth over the vent which inevitably results in annoying sounds like the air bubbling through the imperfect seal, or “Maybe we should just call a plumber.”
When recently it became clear that it was time for another plunging, rather than, ummm... plunging right in, I gave the matter some thought. This is a rare admission for me, being rather the plunging sort. What if, I thought, one had more than one plumber's helper, or at least two helpers that would take a less complicated view of job at hand?
Fact is, I do have two, count 'em, two such devices in this very home. This, of course, occurred to me in the middle of the night, so that simply meant that I was condemned to perform the operation repeatedly in my head rather than sleeping.
At the very next opportunity, I brought the new team together and, much to my delight, it worked. It would have worked well enough with the help of my additional, more animate plumber's helper (that would be Mrs. Paulson), but as it was, I was able to brace one plunger over the vent, holding it with my knee, whilst performing the duties of the animate plunger.  It worked a treat and soon my right foot was ankle-deep in the black, murky water that indicates a successful plunge.
It is, therefore, my pleasure to share with all and sundry my great success. Oh and a photo, as if my overactive prose didn't present an adequate picture in your head. I just like words.

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