Saturday, April 9, 2016

PV Up and down

The trip to Puerto Vallarta was, aside from the necessity of arising at four AM, uneventful. All the usual hurry-up and wait, a quick but terrifying cab-ride from the airport, and boom, we're here.
The first trip to procure supplies, however, gave us some idea of what the rest of the trip was going to look like. It was going to look like a lot of stairs, is what it was going to look like.
The first “flight” to the street turned out to be about eighty steps but, thanks to the rugged landscape and the vagaries of the Mexican construction industry, no two steps are exactly the same, so who's to say? The next flight, down to the beach, was another eighty or so, plus a long raggedy inclined sidewalk sort of thing. So let's round it off to a hundred and sixty.
Now, using my back-of-an-envelope cipherin' skills, and assuming about eight inches a step, this works out to just over a hundred feet, or eight to ten storeys.
Try that hot and tired. Or drunk.  In the dark.
Down to the beach

Up to the condo

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