Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Pool

Our little pool may not be suitable for extended laps, but for cooling off after a day of wandering around or shopping, it can't be beat. It's chilly, but not unpleasantly so.
My only problem with it is that the tiles have been laid in a fairly haphazard fashion so that, in some spots it's more like very, very coarse sandpaper, where the edges of the individual tiles are raised slightly from the plane.What this means is that, if you're not careful and inadvertently rake, say, your toes across the side or bottom, they end up looking like this.
Truth be told, I can't hold the pool entirely responsible for the condition of said toes. My standard entry method involves rolling in from the end and kicking up, refreshed if not slightly stunned. As mentioned, it's chilly.
This method causes no difficulties thanks to the unadorned
wall of the deep end, but the side of the pool features a somewhat meaningless semi-ledge a few feet down and it is against this that I scraped my poor toes. Of course, my beloved wife tried to warn me against rolling into the pool from the side for just this reason, but I didn't hear because I was in the process of rolling into the pool from the side. Story of my life.
Here's a picture of Josie sedately enjoying the pool.

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